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Our signature trip is carp on the fly. Being one of the first carp guides in the Southeast is how carolinabonefishing.com got it’s name and it’s start, building a reputation as one the best. Using my Hells bay skiff, this trip allows you to experience, stalk  and sight fish to the golden ghost of the flats.

This gamefish will test all your skills such as casting, locating fish, strip striking and fighting big fish. This trip is an excellent primer for salt water fly fishing or those looking to transition from trout angling to new gamefish pursuits.
If you want to learn about fly fishing for carp as I did a few years ago, Captain Paul Rose is the person to call. He is knowledgeable and experienced and can put you on the fish. However even more important is that he is articulate, patient, and instructive. I learn and improve every time we go fishing.
- David Fulton
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